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Locale SendSilentMail Plug-In

0.99 usd

This is a plugin for Locale / Tasker which allows you to send emails without any user-interaction from a smtp-server (like to a defined email address. With the default mail app you have to confirm each email manually. For example this makes it impossible to send automatic trace emails your phone was lost. You can customize SMTP-Server, SMTP-Port, From, To, Subject and Body of the email once and or for each task. To use this application you need the app "Locale" or "Tasker". These programs aren't free and you need to buy them seperately.Functionalities:
* Variables* SSL-Encryption* TLS-Encryption* Mail-Queue (no more lost E-Mails if no (allowed) network is present)* File and whole Directory.Attachments* Accepts self-signed certificates* Select networks which should be used to send emails (e.g. prevent send emails on mobile connections)
You can use variables in tasker just by using them in the text. For example if you receive a SMS you can use the following text in the subject of the email:
"You received a new SMS from %SMSRT"
The variable inside of this text will automatically replaced by the value of it.
*** If you have any questions or feature requests don't hesitate to contact me ***
*** New Settings-Dialog (Version 4.33) is currently only translated to english and german. French and Czech will follow.
Version 4.362013/01/20
* Send full folder content as attachment by entering the folder-name instead of a single file.
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